Advances in modern GPS technology

GPS first came onto the scene a few years ago but as with most technologies, the more time that passes, the more these things get better and cheaper too. The original GPS systems were clunky, not very accurate and were very very expensive. Now these days they are standard in most mid-range cars and you can even get amazing handheld gps units for hiking, camping and other outdoor activities. gps units can contain ordinance map overlays for full awareness of your terrain including altitude. The best handheld gps will even be able to be loaded with a number of downloadable maps in certain formats.

We found a full list of reviews and ratings here if you would like to pick one up online.

GPS systems work by receiving signals that are transmitted by global positioning satellites orbiting the earth. The signals include positioning and time information which the receiver can decode and interpret so that when it can combine information from at least 4 individual satellites it can ascertain an accurate position. The receiver can know it’s own position by interpreting the differences in the signals across the range of satellites.

If you’d like to learn more about GPS technology and how it all works, then check this link out.


Building My New Workshop

A few months ago I began building a new workshop in the warehouse on my industrial estate. It’s a great spot to make a bit of noise and really get some major tuning done on the car. Well, I can happily report that the workshop is now complete!

I actually picked up some new skills along the way too. I never realised my new table saw would come in so handy. I actually built the majority of my workbenches by hand out of timber so the saw was well worth the money. I was able to customise my bench designs to fit the available space so that I could maximise the working area.

There were also some tips on this page about how to pick the right saw for the job which came in handy because like I said, I was learning a lot along the way and this was one of the things I had to learn from the ground up.

sawIt’s ok though really because I’m a pretty practical person and am good with my hands. I’m not afraid to take on any physical job or to get my hands dirty as those of you who know me will surely attest to knowing how I am when I get under the hood of my car!

So now that it is all built I’m really looking forward to being able to get the engine out of my car and completely rebuild it from scratch. It’s something that’s been on my list for years now and I can finally do it thanks to my new workshop.

My Chest Pains Story

burningI’ve been having problems lately with a burning sensation in my chest which normally comes after eating. It’s been quite manageable in the past but just this recent couple of weeks has been giving me some real pain. It is a sign of heartburn and I know that I’ve been suffering from it for a while. For anyone having these pains for the first time it can feel a bit like having a heart attack, but unfortunately I can easily recognise the burning chest pain as a symptom of my acid reflux.

So anyway, it caused me to have to pull out of last weeks rally which was extremely disappointing.

In case you were wondering where I got to, don’t worry I’m ok – I’m just spending some time trying to adjust my diet and eating habits. Heartburn is best treated not by medical treatments, but by altering the root causes which are all based on habit. This is my new mission for the year now – to lose weight, clean up my act, get healthy and reduce my heartburn problems. I’ve seen others do it so there’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to.

How To Pick Up Chicks At A Rally

Cars and girls go together like a hand in a glove. When you’re out at a rally showing off your wheels you’ll probably have heaps of advances from women wanting to give you their number. This is great! But do you know what to do with all these numbers once you’ve collected them?

I’m betting more often than not you won’t even call or text these girls. Just imagine the wasted opportunities!

Text ExamplesOne of the best ways to get things going with a girl whose number you just picked up is to start texting. Start off a little slow, but before too long you should introduce some sexy messages and see how they respond. If you are new to this you may want to get some sexting examples first so you know the kind of thing you’ll want to be writing.

Once you start getting a good rapport going with someone by using these example sext messages, you have pretty much done all the hard work. She will already be thinking about you night and day if you implant the right thoughts into her mind. If you have any doubts about how to approach it you should take a look at which has all you need to know about starting a relationship via text message.

With these kind of tips you’ll soon be the talk (and envy) of your local car club and everyone will be wondering how on earth you did it! Whether you choose to share your new secrets is up to you though!

Look your best in your new ride

Summer is only half a year away and so whilst you’re pimping out your car to make it look the best for cruising along the beach picking up all the hotties don’t forget that you could spend this time working on making yourself look good too.

healthy bodyWe’ve been reading some great tips on the benefits of using BCAA’s (reference) in your workout routine to help maximise your time in the gym and really build a great physique and we wanted to share our thoughts with you here.

See, nobody likes having an embarrassing body and if we’re all honest, nobody likes seeing them either. There’s only so far a sweet ride will get you with the ladies – you need to be able to back your motor up with a great body too if you’re aiming for real success.

If you’re going to slim down safely then you need to do it over time and with the right guidance, which is why we are bringing this up now, in the middle of winter – to give you time to start altering your diet and hitting the gym.

Just start thinking about this and make a commitment to making your first change towards your healthy body today and in 6 months time you won’t regret it!


More T2000 Pics

Here is another handful of awesome pictures we have found whilst perusing the internet. Enjoy!

Pics from the 2010 Beaujolais Rally

Here are some of our favourite pictures from the 2010 Beaujolais Rally.